Please Note prices were correct at printing in March 2024 however please confirm current pricing with the sales Office due to manufacturer price increases.


Our Environmental Impact

We are continually working to minimise our environmental footprint and have always embraced new green energy developments. In an aid to reduce our energy output when we moved to our new premises in 2014 we installed LED light fixtures throughout including new technology LED units in our cold stores. All rooms in our offices include PIR-motion sensors so no energy is wasted.



Green Energy

Solar panels are one of the purest ways to harness energy as solar energy is truly a renewable energy source. Unlike other forms of energy, we cannot run out of solar energy – we even generate energy on cloudy and rainy days!

With help from Worcestershire County Council and the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme in 2017 we obtained our first grant helping generate up to 24.48kWp of solar energy using 96 x 255W solar panels. Saving 8 carbon tonnes per year.

We are delighted to have secured a further LOCOP grant this year to invest in a further 138 x 325W panels producing 44.85kWp energy with 10.67t annual carbon savings.



Recycling and Plastic

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and should be placed in the correct recycling bins for your area. We encourage all our customers to reduce the use of single-use plastic by switching to bio-degradable cups and spoons where appropriate. On site we recycle all our cardboard at our local recycle centre. We are unable to control the packaging from external suppliers, therefore by doing this it means we avoid excess packaging ending in landfill. We are also able to do this with plastic.


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